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Account FAQs

Can I pay over the phone with a credit card?

Yes, but first you must fill out a credit card authorization form that we keep on file at the office, and then you must call us when you are ready to have us take your payment. Please call the office to have an auth form emailed or faxed to you. Or, our new system allows you to pay online at your convenience.

May I transfer my unit to someone else's name?

Yes. This is called a Transfer of Ownership. You will need to come in to the office to fill in a form releasing ownership of the unit to someone else. Ownership will not officially transfer until the other party has come in to fill in new paperwork including a lease.

When is my payment due?

Everyone's due date is different. Your due date is the same day of the month that you moved in. So, if you moved in on the 10th of the month, that is your due date. You have a 8 day grace period to pay your rent before getting a $10 late fee and a $10 overlock fee.

Can someone else access my unit if I want them to?

Yes, if you give them the unit number, the key, and the gate code, anyone you wish may access your unit. We cannot give out account information to anyone but you.

When I am ready to move out, how much notice do I need to give you?

We require 10 days written notice before your next due date. The form can be requested by mail, fax or email. Or drop by the office to fill one out.

I can't find the key to my unit. What do I do?

You may call a locksmith, or we can cut the lock off for you. There is a $65 fee for our services. Advanced notice is required and it must occur during business hours. You may not bring your own bolt cutters on to our property for obvious reasons.

Do you pro-rate my final month?

Sorry, no. If you are occupying your unit on your due date, you are responsible for the entire month's rent. Rare exceptions can be made when you are going to be in the unit for an extra day or two and you have made specific arrangements in advance. Speak to the manager if you expect to have this issue.